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Educate your workforce & customers

Consumers, employees and shareholders expect companies to incorporate climate change in their strategic plans. Make climate education part of your strategy.

Educate your workforce & customers

Climate Sharp will provide you with the right educational content and tools for climate education.

How can your company benefit?

Build a climate-positive brand

Improve your company image by showing that you care about the climate. Get your own, company-branded site and custom content. Share it with the world.

Strengthen customer loyalty

Sustainability sells – Research indicates that companies that embed climate impact and climate education in their offering gain customer loyalty.

Say no to Climate Anxiety!​

Show your customers and workforce why they can be cautiously optimistic about climate change and how we can all help, what we can do.

Climate content packs

Climate Challenges, progression, leader boards, achievments

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Demo - Climate Change Quizzes

Food Vs Food - Which one is better for the climate?

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Demo - Climate Change Flashcards

Reduce food waste - Think about what's in the fridge

Discarded food is responsible for an estimated 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. This is a huge slice of our climate impact. Regularly check what is in your fridge and prioritise consuming food that is going to expire soon. Keep waste to a minimum, check your fridge now!

Postpone buying a new phone for a year

Is your old phone still good to use? Stick to it for another year and delay your next purchase. Reduce your CO2 emissions and save a bag of money in the process.

Think about your personal water use

In many parts of the world, fresh water will in future become more valuable than oil. It takes energy to clean, pressurize and get the water to your house, which means burning fossil fuels in power plants. Save water & reduce CO2 emissions.

Don’t buy that magazine, read online instead

Running your laptop uses energy, but producing your glossy magazine is much more resource intense. Read online when you can, and consider magazines a rare treat. Help us save the forest!

Wash clothes in cold water

90% of the energy the washing machine uses goes towards heating the water. Switch to cold water washing and eliminate about 1,600 pounds (800Kg) of carbon dioxide a year.

Demo - Climate Change Videos
Demo - Climate Assessment Challenges

Climate Beginner Assessment Challenge

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Ways to implement our climate content

Email campaigns as formal or informal climate training

Create email campaigns that will send out a content pack to your employees, contractors and/or customers.

Content segments embedded into any of your websites or documents

Add climate content (e.g. climate assessment challeges) to any part of your website.

Direct your workforce & customers to your Climate Sharp site

Get your own, branded Climate Sharp site and share the link.
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+ Get your own Climate Sharp page and build a climate-positive brand.

Early, free access to Climate Action Cards

Reduce CO2 emissions through educating your workforce and customers.

Members can explore, collect and use climate cards in a digestible, card-by-card form. They can use action cards, level up and unlock new content in a playful way. Create your company’s Climate Action Cards website with your logo visible on each card. Reduce carbon emissions and share the results with the world. – A Climate Sharp sister project

A Public Benefit Corporation

Preparing to form Benefit Corp

We are working hard on preparing to operate as a Public Benefit Corporation. Clear purpose and mission, accountability and transparency will be key in the way we work.

Pending Benefit Corp

Once our target has been achieved, and we have been operating for 12 months, we can apply for full B-Corp certification.

Operating as a Benefit Corp

We decided that becoming a Public Benefit Corporation is the best way to have a meaningful impact. Our legally binding charter will ensure that climate impact takes top priority.

Be the next business to start taking climate action!

Climate Sharp will help your workforce and customers become carbon aware of everyday things, let them start their journey to low carbon living.

Be the next business to start taking climate action!

Climate Sharp will help your workforce and customers become carbon aware of everyday things, let them start their journey to low carbon living.