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Reduce food waste - Think about what's in the fridge

Discarded food is responsible for an estimated 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. This is a huge slice of our climate impact. Regularly check what is in your fridge and prioritise consuming food that is going to expire soon. Keep waste to a minimum, check your fridge now!

Postpone buying a new phone for a year

Is your old phone still good to use? Stick to it for another year and delay your next purchase. Reduce your CO2 emissions and save a bag of money in the process.

Think about your personal water use

In many parts of the world, fresh water will in future become more valuable than oil. It takes energy to clean, pressurize and get the water to your house, which means burning fossil fuels in power plants. Save water & reduce CO2 emissions.

Don’t buy that magazine, read online instead

Running your laptop uses energy, but producing your glossy magazine is much more resource intense. Read online when you can, and consider magazines a rare treat. Help us save the forest!

Wash clothes in cold water

90% of the energy the washing machine uses goes towards heating the water. Switch to cold water washing and eliminate about 1,600 pounds (800Kg) of carbon dioxide a year.

Reduce, postpone & think | Climate Flashcard | Climate Beginner

Change lightbulbs to LEDs

ED lightbulbs use less than 25% energy compared incandescent lighting. This means saving in the long run for you and reduced emissions for the planet. Every lightbulb you replace will help the fight against Climate Change.

Recycle plastic

Producing new plastic is responsible for 3-8 times more emissions compared to recycling old plastic. Recycle whenever you can to prevent Climate Change. There are many types of plastic, check what you can and what you cannot recycle.

Buy vintage

Buying vintage can be a design statement, an expression of personal taste but not many know that it can help the environment at the same time. Express yourself and help the Climate by buying vintage!

Don’t buy weird shoes you will never use

When you buy a pair of new shoes (or any another product for that matter), think about how many times you will use it or need it. Don't buy stuff you don't use. As often with Climate Action cards, save money, save earth.

Hang-dry your clothes

In tumble dryers, an electric motor rotates the drum filled with wet clothes, simultaneously driving the fan which circulates hot air through the drum. Both use electricity, escpecially heating the air.

Change, recycle & hang-dry | Climate Flashcard | Climate Competent

Reduce food waste - Check expiry dates now

Have you ever thrown away expired food? Everyone does but climate-aware individuals keep it to a minimum. Check's what is about to expire and make sure you consume those in time. Save money & save the planet.

Buy used electronics

Producing electronics is polluting, expensive and harmful to the environment and Climate. First, think about postponing your purchase. In case that is not an option, buy second hand, as it will help protect the environment and Climate.

Don’t buy T-shirt you don’t need

How many T-shirts do you have? Is the honest answer too many? Don't buy what you don't need, which means less need for new production, less CO2 pumped into the atmosphere, less land and fresh water use.

Upcycle your furniture

Whenever you buy new furniture, it needs to be produced, transported, stored and packaged. All of which use wood and other materials, fuel and space. Upcycling your furniture will help you fight Climate Change.

Buy green energy / electricity

Search online for "buy green energy" and look for a green provider in your area. Make the switch and ensure your energy is produced in a sustainable, climate friendly manner. Support investments in green energy by buying green.

Buy used, upcycle & buy green | Climate Flashcard | Climate Expert

Plant a tree yourself

Do you want visible Climate Action? Plant a tree if you have land available. Every tree will absorb about 22Kg of CO2 a year and it will also make the world a greener, cooler place.

Postpone buying a new phone for a year

Is your old phone still good to use? Stick to it for another year and delay your next purchase. Reduce your CO2 emissions and save a bag of money in the process.

Cancel a subscription you don't use

Do you have magazines you never read, streaming services you don't use? Unsubscribe and do some good both for your wallet and for the planet. Remember, less consumption is always good for the Climate.

Donate or recycle your clothes

Search online for "donate clothing to charities" and choose a charity you like in your area. Donate your clothes, help someone and help the climate.

Sell your old TV now

Sell your old TV and kills three birds with one stone. Recycle and help someone else, help your finances and the climate at the same time. Any time you reuse or recycle you take action on climate change.

Plant, cancel & donate | Climate Flashcard | Climate Beginner

Buy Climate Friendly utilities - Hopefully save in the process!

Pre-register now for Climate Friendly utilities and as soon as we have a critical mass of interested users, CC can negotiate your new deal, which is both Climate friendly and will cost you the same or less.

Adjust thermostat (a degree or two matters)

Set your thermostats a degree or two lower in the winter, higher in the summer. You might not even notice the change but you will be using 3-6% less energy, helping climate change and your pocket at the same time.

Clean or replace HVAC filters

Dusty and clogged HVAC filters lead to restricted airflow and reduced efficiency, which forces your HVAC system to work harder. Replace your filters regularly and use less energy, reduce your carbon footprint today.

Reduce your lawn - Use less water, let nature capture CO2

Keep your lawn natural; mow less, water less and mow higher. Don’t blow, and allow some flowers and ‘weeds’ to grow. Reduce the lawn to a modest area.

Buy better bulbs

If every 60-watt incandescent bulb in the U.S. was replaced with a 10-watt LED bulb, we could avoid 10-20 million metric tons of carbon emissions. Switch your bulbs and you will personally save about $1,000 over 10 years.

Adjust, clean & reduce | Climate Flashcard | Climate Competent

Drink one less coffee today - drink water instead

Do you drink too much coffee? Skip a cup and replace it with a glass of water, resulting in less carbon emissions, a healthier body and healthier climate. Water will rehydrate you and you will save a bit of cash as well.

Recycle metal - steel, aluminium, brass or copper

Do you have iron or steel, aluminium, brass or copper to recycle? Recycling scrap metal uses 75-95 percent less energy to process than ore. You also get paid so earn while you fight Climate Change!

Sell your old mobile now - Make money while helping the climate

Do you have an old mobile lying around? You will probably never use it again. Sell it now and get some cash. The person buying your phone will not buy new, meaning less need for new production, less carbon burnt and CO2 emitted.

Buy used a book instead of new

Thinking on buying a new book? Consider buying used. You might find a hidden gem you would never find otherwise. Buying old is also Climate-friendly and will help you reduce your environmental impact.

Sell your exercise equipment now

About to buy a treadmill, bench or weights? Think used. Used equipment means no new production and new climate damaging emissions. It will cost you less at the same time, helping your budget along the way.

Turn off your engine while waiting

One gallon every hour. That's how much idle time is costing you. That's how much fuel you burn and CO2 you pump into the atmosphere. It adds up fast so turn off your engine while waiting, save money, save the planet.

Drink less, sell used & turn off | Climate Flashcard | Climate Expert

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