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Reduce food waste - Think about what's in the fridge

Discarded food is responsible for an estimated 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. This is a huge slice of our climate impact. Regularly check what is in your fridge and prioritise consuming food that is going to expire soon. Keep waste to a minimum, check your fridge now!

Postpone buying a new phone for a year

Is your old phone still good to use? Stick to it for another year and delay your next purchase. Reduce your CO2 emissions and save a bag of money in the process.

Think about your personal water use

In many parts of the world, fresh water will in future become more valuable than oil. It takes energy to clean, pressurize and get the water to your house, which means burning fossil fuels in power plants. Save water & reduce CO2 emissions.

Don’t buy that magazine, read online instead

Running your laptop uses energy, but producing your glossy magazine is much more resource intense. Read online when you can, and consider magazines a rare treat. Help us save the forest!

Wash clothes in cold water

90% of the energy the washing machine uses goes towards heating the water. Switch to cold water washing and eliminate about 1,600 pounds (800Kg) of carbon dioxide a year.

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